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Farm to families within a day

We will travel to farms within ~50km of Parkdale (Koo Wee Rup & Mornington Peninsula) and pick up local and organic produce direct from growers. We then travel back to Parkdale and shuffle the goodies to make mixed seasonal boxes for our members - families of Parkdale, Mentone, Mordialloc, Cheltenham, Sandringham and Heatherton..

Farm to families within the day! 

We deliver locally every Tuesday and Friday between 2 and 7pm.

We are not trying to build another supermarket, but rather grow our community and bring people together over our renewed relationship to local food and where it comes from. We are always learning about many things along the way— each season brings new challenges and opportunities. 

We believe in reducing waste and aim for zero.  Our long term goal is for a community owned and run greengrocer & food education hub.

Far more than just yummy fruit and vegetables, but real community and connection. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Organic, local produce and a sustainable future.

Who are we?

We are a husband and wife who made the conscious decision to live better, here in beautiful Parkdale.

Our 2 young children are exploring everything in their lives and we wanted to make food part of that exploration.

We started travelling around Melbourne finding organic grocers and would buy ourselves the fruit and vegetables for the week.

We told our friends and family about this and they wanted us to collect extras for them each time.  After we had spoken to farmers we thought that everyone could benefit from eating local organics.  Farmers stay sustainable, we help the local food culture and business and your family gets the best food that's available. 

During that time we had the pleasure of meeting Jessie and Jono from Edithvale Community Greengrocer.  They have the same passion as us and have been going strong in Edithvale for over 2 years.  We decided it would be better for all of our surrounding communities, growers and people alike if we could help grow our local organic food community together.

Fruit and vegetables grow differently all over the world.  Each area has its own speciality.  In Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs we have an abundance of organic fruit and vegetables.

We source the best local & organic fruit and vegetables from local growers in the morning and you get them the same day.  From farm to plate in a day.

We minimise our travel between farms and the need for travel by car.

Every week you will get a box full of seasonal fruit and vegetables that will allow you and your family to be the best versions of yourselves.

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This is us with our kids at the farm!

This is us with our kids at the farm!

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$30 /week

5-6 different types of vegetables

2 different types of fruit

Returnable box

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$45 /week

7-8 different types of vegetables

2-3 different types of fruit

Greater variety and quantity of both fruit and vegetables

Returnable box

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$60 /week

10+ different types of vegetables

2-3 different types of fruit

Greater variety and quantity that the Medium box of both fruit and vegetables

Returnable box

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