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You are now part of Parkigrocer.

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Please join the members-only Facebook page. It’s here where we discuss what’s in the upcoming boxes, the food we are making and anything that tickles your fancy.

Please note, all boxes are billed on the 3-5 days prior to your delivery day. This allows us to make immediate payment with farmers enabling them to prepare for our orders with financial comfort.


We will recycle all items we deliver with

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When we drop your new box full of goodness off at your place, we ask that you leave the previous weeks box in an easy to reach spot so we can take it and reuse. This includes any extras like rubber bands, strawberry punnets etc.

If you forget to put your box out one week, don’t worry - just pop two out the following week.

If you have any other queries, please head over to our FAQ page or any of our social media!


Would you like something else with your box?

You’ve now got your box. Yay! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Currently, we have eggs and honey that you can add to your box (with more to come!). If you’d like to add them now, select from below and we’ll make sure we add them to your box ASAP!


Would you like some free eggs (and other things)?

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Once you love Parkigrocer as much as we know you will, you can get yourself some free eggs (or if eggs aren’t your thing we will find something that is).

All you need to do is have a friend join and mention your name as the referrer. Then, once they have been a member for 4 weeks, a nice surprise will be in your box. Well, not a total surprise - it’ll be eggs like the heading says, but still - pretty special!


Share your photos on Instagram and Facebook

We love to see what you’re creating with your fruit and vegetable goodness - so please share! Click the links below to go to your social page or choice - or go nuts and do both!